Bowdon Killer Bee's 7 - Golbourne 6

First match of the season & the Bees are 'up for it'. Recent signings Fishers & Jasper are on a roll and like the local judiciary, we want to give someone a good thrashing! YEAH BABY!!!

So, when Golbourne ring (in plenty of time to be fair - thanks Dave!) to say they've only got two players - it's a bit of a bummer. Can we supply some players? Yes, but probably not a whole team, eh? Fine, so Golbourne turn up 'cos they are good ol' boys and lo, they've pinched 4 Runcorn laddies on the way. They are late. We were early. We had been drinking (c'mon - it was raining out there for God's sake! Mind you, Jasper went out there 'cos he hasn't seen rain before...). We were going to get stuffed.

Some rapid making up of numbers & re-organising (as we had just given Golbourne a bunch of 3rd teamers) and we started. Steve Cochran knitted well with Big Al, Jasper & Marsland at the front for some great attacking hockey (much to the relief of the defence - a daunting lineup of Johnny Slap, Crazy Ted & the bequiffed rotund one) to ramp up the score line nicely by half time. Half time saw a jug of beer magically appear at the sideline (cheers Nigel!) and the opportunity for the Bees to pretend to listen to the inspirational halftime captains talk while they drank.

Just how inspirational that team talk was only became apparent in the second half when Belly Boy, guesting for the Oppo, decided to push up and score a few to even things up. This he did without much problem frankly, although Johnny & Olly made a valiant attempt... to... er... Anyway, with an even scoreline Bellend buggered off back to Golbourne's quarter; the game flowed back and forth with each side looking for the winning goal as the final whistle approached. Some aggressive hockey by the Bees resulted in that very thing 4 minutes from time & when 70 minutes was up, everyone agreed it had been a damned fine event & we should all feel jolly pleased with ourselves.

Thanks to Mossy, Steve C, Shanksy, Bellend & Baywatch for mucking in, and for not embarrassing the Bees by thanking them overmuch for the hockey skills they undoubtably picked up.

Fleet of trousers