Oxton 3 - Bowdon Killer Bee's 0

In hindsight, um, it probably wasn't the best idea in the world to have the Bees/Wasps crimbo bash the night before our only fixture to date against a league side. For this we have to lay the blame fairly & squarely on the head of Yokker, the Wasps captain, whose social diary was so packed that this was the only possible date he had available. And he had the kitty... There was possibly someone else involved, but it's probably not important...

But we lost our unbeaten record.

And to Oxton.

Not Oxton.

Especially Oxton.

Especially Fleet Doggy Dog's club.

... Bugger.

So - let's get this over with. The sober (& therefore outstanding) players were Swithers & Jay (if I've forgotten anyone else sober then let me know. The point being I'm not in that list & things are a bit hazy). The noticeably drunk (let's not mince words here) players were 'Scanners' Darbyshire & Buckeridge. Everyone else was inbetween, except no-one else was sober. If you see what I mean? When the captain volunteers to umpire the 1st half then you know something's up!!! When the oppo substitute your umpire (Yes D'Arcy - you!!!) in the 2nd half 'cos they're worried he's going to vomit on one of their 1st team, or possibly just die, you know something's definitely up!

Yes, Oxton popped a couple of ringers in. Yes, we still should have won. Yes, the score line would've been a lot worse but Andy Marshall had a storming game at the back (he could only see one player coming at him when the rest of the defence saw two. Or none.) Yes, some sexy one-two's between Jay, Darbs & Swithers did get us into the Oxton Dee. Alas, no, we didn't convert any chances into goals though.

Nevertheless, well done to everyone who turned up. This was surely the outstanding feat of the day, and no-one should let a silly old scoreline ruin their feeling of achievement. Yeah! It's fair to say that it had crossed several people's minds (the captain's for one) to not turn up for the game, or possibly just leave the club (whichever was easiest), but everyone made it. Everyone played. And everyone agreed it wasn't what they'd have done by choice.


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