Bowdon Development 4 - Bowdon Killer Bee's 7

Oooooh, the sweet, sweet taste of victory! Yummy!

Heh! Heh! Heh!...

Now, I'm not one to gloat normally, see? The fact is that this game was meant to be a friendly between the Bees & the Dev team, with a mixture of players so things were evened up a bit, but were the Dev youngsters having any of that? Oh no! Despite having an average age equal to the Bees average weight (& Kirch wasn't even playing!), in the spirit of Christmas & all that, the consensus in the Dev team was that they should stick together & give us fat old slow blokes a good festive kicking! Cheers! So, how did it go? (Tee Hee!)

A general shortage of players meant both teams were on the scrounge from the previous (1st team no less!) game, so Midge & Jem joined the Dev side (Oh shit!), while the Bees recruited Jeff & xxxxxxx (mystery man, who were you? Somebody help me out here). Thanks chaps - much appreciated as always. The game got off to a quick start & it soon became apparent that the teams were quite evenly matched - much to the disgust of the Dev under-5s contingent! The Bees scored first (Jeff), then the Development team equalised, then went ahead, then lost their lead (Yokker) before regaining it just before half-time. With the score at 3-2 the Bees discussed whether they had done their Christmas shopping or not amongst themselves while their captain delivered an inspirational team talk containing some of the best tactical analysis in the history of mankind. Again.

The second half saw a change of fortunes as the Bees slowly began to dominate the game. Finally the years spent building up reserves of energy (that's fat to you) began to pay off for the Bees and a string of goals followed. A text book short corner routine from the short (but strangely handsome) one. An epic smash from the acutest of angles from D'Arsey(!). Another corker from Jeff. Another couldn't-get-out-of-the-way-quick-enough goal from Yokker. Cripes! Even Sticky may have scored. Jem walked off (there are some traditions that shouldn't be broken), young heads went down (and I don't mean Yo-Yo!) & depsite a last minute single from the oppo, the Bees had put another 5 goals in the back of the net before the final whistle. A decisive victory!

It was a great game of hockey, lots of fun & a superb way to finish off the season before Christmas. Cheers to everyone who took part & hope people have a good Crimbo & New Year.

The Quiffster