Bowdon Killer Bee's 6 - Congelton 1

Hockey as I remember it is not dead! Its alive and well on the Killer Bee's. After the expendable B's had been given an upgrade (because the first's and seconds didn't want to hurt themselves) from economy grass to first class astro I didn't think it could get any better. But it did and more.

Congleton turned out looking young and sharp but with one glance around at our line up I knew we could give as good as we got. With world class players such as Cack handed Carl, Swithenbonk, Ol 'Where's my respect' Quiffmeister Rat a Tat Hawkins (oh, and me) how could we not look strong?

Just to prove the point that I can hold my own with the best I thought I'd open up the scoring with a fantastic assist by Swithenbonk.

The surface improved as the game went on and Bowdon began to stretch their legs a little more stringing together some great moves. Congleton pulled one back but Bowdon responded with vigour and went 2-1 ahead within 1 minute of pushing back with a fantastic first strike from Swithenbonk!!

Half time talk by Hawkins roused the troops but there was talk from certain parts of the camp that a draw was on the cards. How wrong could Swithers and myself have been!!

Congletons heads went down as goal after goal were smashed into the back of their net. Bowdon's game on the other hand got better and better with some moves that the 4th /5th team would have been proud of.

The final scores on the doors were Bowdon 6 Congleton 1 with the goal scorers being Chris Swithenbank 4 and Paul Darbyshire 2. Not only did we kick their arses but we had a good laugh doing it and as we all know the real winner of the day was hockey.