Bowdon Killer Bee's 9 - Deeside 0

We played at home on the show pitch in front of the club house to a sell out crowd; this obviously brought out the best in us. As you can see 9 goals were scored all so fast and furious that the author has no idea who scored them apart from one which will remain a classic for years to come...

We were attacking - all forwards in their D. Richard Higham was stand-in keeper for Deeside. Richard Armishaw had possession and moved across the outside of the D and shot at goal. The keeper saw the shot was outside the D and lifted his foot over the ball! Unfortunately for Deeside Sticky was having a quiet nap against the goal post (he hadn't slept in over 24hrs, please ask Sticky why), saw the ball approaching and just touched it in. Sticky put it down to his new boots which he claims have stealth technology to sneak in behind the keeper - we think it was sheer luck.

Stewart Buckeridge as usual was exceptional, but missed two absolutely perfect goals. The ball was passed cleanly and perfectly, there were no opposition marking him and he completely missed stopping them. He later commented 'That's hockey, where's my beer?'