Bowdon Killer Bee's 6 - Congelton 0

This week saw the 3rd meeting of the season with Congleton, who had "kicked our butts" by 6-1 the first time around. The second clash at home had seen the 5 Bee's reap revenge with a 6-1 win over a young team. Had this been a fluke? What would the 3rd meeting produce?

Congelton arrived with a maturer side this time (including a "ringer" who was their 1st team centre forward) and were obviously intending to put up a better performance. It was not to be, the skipper had formed a team of mass destruction and was not going to happy with less than a 4/5 goal winning margin.

With the challenge set, we pushed back, immediately mounting an attack that took us into the opposition "D". Swither's first shot was "handed" down by their goalie, only for an "on fire Yokker" to cruise in, collect and strike home, 2 minutes gone 1-0 !

Initial shock over, Congleton re-organised and dug in, but were thwarted in possession by the Bee's fluid movement of the ball (not necessary to our own players). The 2nd goal was a while in coming but eventually Joe out on the right wing, dibbled into the "D" and hypnotised the goalie by running around the defenders for a few minutes, eventually launching the ball from an impossible angle into the back of the net and teaching the goalie a near post lesson, 2-0!

Half time, 2-0 up but not safe yet .... Olly wanted more goals .... roll on the second half !

Shortly after the re-start a scrambled goal from "Swithers" saw the Bee's 3-0 up. Congletons goalie was obviously suffering from "post traumatic shock" after Joe's first goal and his "will to save" crumbled as more goals then followed from "Yokker", Joe and " Swithers" again.

"Sticky's" SAS (sneak 'and' score) stealth boots were rested this week, but under-study Stuart "silver lightening" Buckeridge on the left wing is starting to look very promising with his own left goal post "de-cloaking device", that nearly resulted in a goal (next time Stuart).

Special mention has to go to the defence and goalie Phil "grim reaper" Holder (no more reports for him) for his clean sheet. Despite the scoreline Congleton were no mugs, and several periods of pressure had to be endured by the skipper, Jonny Grant and Co.

All in all another high scoring victory for the Bees with some promising movement and breaks (when the ball was passed early!) ..... bring on the 5A's!!!!

Bowdon 6 - Congleton 0 Joe (2), Swithers (2), Yokker (2). Rumours were rife of a 7th goal, but the scorer could not be identified.


PS Has anybody seen the Congleton goalie's teddy as it was last seen going through the back of the net?