Sale 1 - Bowdon Killer Bee's 1

You can safely say that this was a game of two halves. After our team bonding session on Friday. Wing Commander Beveridge has worked out how to restock his wine cellar for free. (Get engaged every month. How's your Stock Ol?) Back to the game which started with Sale generously passing the ball to Fisher's & then on to Johnny the Slap, there by foxing the Killer Bees who thought the skipper's shouts of "me, me, me" was his version of the Funky Gibbon. The Swarm was then directed into attack with Tonto moving the ball wide to utilise the speed of our left, Sticky & the Wing Commander. This worked well until the ubiquitous Sticky Strop whereby Sale then pushed forward only to be thwarted by some last ditch tackling from Andy Marshall & the skipper. Unfortunately after what seemed like a promising attack down the right, Sale picked up the ball and moved it into the Killer B's D and scored (1-0). This ended up being the Half time Score.

This meant that we could reorganise the team with Dave Brown having to fill the boots of the one & only Sticky. As well as the defence being changed so that the skipper could attempt to become a creative force in the midfield. So Bamber had to fill the void left along with some help from Johnny & Andy M. This worked until we decided it was time to change personnel again which let Sale into the D only for the Grim Reaper to scythe down the Sale No.9. This resulted in the oppo being awarded a P Flick which meant Phil could redeem himself (score line still 1-0).

This seemed to herald the start of a Killer Bees revival. With the Attack moving forward at pace, this meant that Sticky was just going back to defend when they were going forward again for the fifth time!! One of these started with the skipper uncharacteristically playing a short ball (10 yards) in front of Yokker who then placed the ball into space for Swithers to run onto and solo up the last third of the pitch to score a 'God' goal (1-1). This seemed to set a pattern for the rest of the game with Sale being limited to a few attacks but with The Killer Bees looking for the winning goal. That would have been achieved had Dave Brown not knocked the ball just out of Sticky's reach after Swithers had gifted both of them with an open net.

All in all a draw was the least we deserved.