Bowdon Killer Bee's 8 - Brooklands 3

Some cunning pitch juggling by fixtures maestro Nick West meant that the Bees were one of only two Bowdon sides to play this w/e. The worse-than-usual Mancunian weather forcing a string of match cancellations at the higher end of the club following the shock revelation than no-one in the 3rd's or above can swim...

Anyway, the point is that we legged it up to Brooklands & grabbed the dusk shift on their Astro. Fortune had smiled upon the Bees at selection and we had one of the strongest teams we've fielded for some time. So, it was a tad unfortunate when Brooklands chose to put out their development team. The oppo fielded some muchos promising youngsters playing, with bonkers wobbling skills & lots of pace (remember pace, Sticky?) - however the Bees played some great possesion hockey (ours, for a change...), played around them and managed to tuck away a reasonable 5 goals in the first half vs 2 against. A rare outfield appearance from Will Marshall saw him establish his credentials early on in the game with a couple of great goals and some mighty swiping that even Murdie would've been proud of. Our own young stropper, Andy Marsland finally got to show us why he's been whinging about playing on soil-based astro, and tucked in a neat hattrick on the proper stuff. Andy - you owe us a jug & now the whole world knows you haven't got it in yet!!! Unwilling to be left off the scoresheet, Wasps star Yokker slotted one home, once again demonstrating that... erm... he only scores every now & then. Um... sorry Yokker, that seems to have come out wrong... Three more Bowdon goals in the second half made for a good win, despite a great break (all the way round the Quiffster - quite a distance!) by Brooklands to put a sneaky one past Reidy.

Who scored the other two Bowdon goals? Bugger knows? If you know then contact the webmaster, because this site only deals in hard facts and facts is what we want. Did you know that Sticky can have any woman he wants by the way?

A special word of praise to Mr Reid, our keeper, for a quality strop in the first half involving helmet throwing, stomping and stage muttering of epic proportions. A simple 'Hey, defence - you're shit!' would have been sufficient I feel.

The three Brooklands adults did an excellent job of ensuring all their youngsters stayed in the game & participated fully, perhaps focusing more on this aspect of the game than the scoreline. However, this was Brooklands, and even if we were playing some kids we could afford to show them no mercy, so, like Garry Glitter, we shafted 'em...


Big Sue