West Derby 2- Bowdon Killer Bee's 2

After some of the worst navigating ever seen by a Bowdon hockey team (Now then, is it REALLY necessary to mention the journey to West Derby, hmm? Surely we should be concentrating on describing the sporting epic that took place once we got there? - Ed) we eventually arrived on Merseyside to play some Scouse children. We began the match by playing as though the team was scattered around Cheshire, as passes went astray and tackles were missed. The attack was poor and the defence was worse.

After a cunning tactical change at halftime, which involved two of their players going to hospital (a bit harsh here I feel. Let's be clear, yes, they DID go to hospital, but it wasn't anything to do with us! Unless you count being allergic to the way hockey was being played, which was quite possible - Legal Ed), we at last began to play, with numerous chances being created. Unfortunately the forwards promptly missed them all, of which Dave Orpet was guilty, and Yokker and myself were very guilty. Just when it seemed this incompetence was going to get its just deserts, Richard Armishaw put an end to the messing about by scoring. Then a minute later I tried to pass to Dave, missed him and ended up scoring. The game ended 2-2 nobody a winner, and certainly not the game of Hockey.

Andy 'Strapadictamy' Marshall