West Derby 5 - Bowdon Killer Bee's 5

A classic example of forethought and planning, Ollie - an early away game the day after the Club dinner!

I think most of us enjoyed the evening but the team was, generally, in a sorry condition, Saturday morning: Andy being the worst, looking like Death warmed up ('warmed up' is a wild exaggeration! More like Death on the same continent as someone striking a match... - Ed).

As to the game, I saw little of it - partly due to the volume of alcohol still coursing round my head and partly due to the monsoon conditions the game was played in (I can vouch for that! How much rain?!? Morale in the team momentarily plunged to an all time low as I experienced total structural failure in my quiff . At least, I think that was what all the sniggering was... sympathy! - Ed)..

I did see the ball quite a bit, though, mostly retrieving it from the back of the net. Fortunately, due the talent and expertise of our front line (that's a tenner you lot owe me), their keeper had as much exercise as I did - wonder what his excuse was???

Disaster was narrowly averted in the last 15 minutes when Stickie finally arrived and joined the game but, fortunately, he managed to avoid the ball, mostly.

All in all, the Killer Bees achieved a resounding 5 - 5 victory over incredible hangovers... and the youth of West Derby.