Brooklands 5 - Bowdon Killer Bee's 0

I still don't know why I agreed to this, I am no more a journalist than a hockey player. However, here goes...

The Killer Bees last gathering of the season took place at Brooklands on Saturday. Thirteen gallant souls turned out against what promised to be a battle with a strong, youthful fit side in weather conditions that definitely were not suited to our style of play. (Yeah... daylight! - Ed).

The game started well enough - Brooklands had the pushback and kindly gave us the ball and we built our first attack. We successfully got to their 'd' and shot somewhere near the goal - but nowhere near enough. Such was the nature of the game with Brooklands making three breaks resulting in three goals during the first half. The Bees suffered as a result of Yokker's imaginary knee injury but benefited from the champagne silky skills of the legendary Skippy at centre half.

The half time team talk was a classic with Olly assuring us we could win!?! We believed him and returned to the field of play like men possessed by the spirit of Jonathon Grant (notably missing, playing with Lego in Windsor!) and soon conceded two more goals.

The roll on / roll off policy worked well with all members of the team although when Giles insisted on replacing Andy Marshall at Right Back, I felt that the natural shape and balance of our defence had been seriously compromised - so did Andy as the expression on his face showed!

A valiant effort against a very strong side but unfortunately we lost 5 - 0

On a personal note I would like to thank Yokker for all his hard work as skipper of the Wasps over the past couple of years and wish Roger all the best as he takes over. I look forward to the team dinner, whatever format it takes and seeing all members of the team who attend. For those who don't, have a good summer, play some Wanderers cricket, enjoy the weather and return to Bowdon in September!

Kind regards

Mike Kirchin.

Also 'well done' to our keeper Terry Thompson, who played a stormer, hurling himself around with gay abandon (er... not like Graham Norton, mind!) and making some super saves. And of course, 'well done' AGAIN to the defence for generously allowing the keeper to improve his one-on-one skills.