Bowdon Killer Bee's 5 - Timperley 1

An epic match on an appalling pitch (Lymm) barely deserving of the term 'astro', the highlight of which must surely be Yokker actually sending someone off!!! And it wasn't one of us (Hurrah!)... Second on the memorable moments list has to be guesting Dieter (ex Timperley 1st team) cannoning into a dazed looking Timperley left-winger & bouncing him out of play in a quality Bowdon defensive move. In WWF parlance, this is where a big bloke chucks another big bloke over the ropes into the ringside audience where a load of crackhead grannies start beating the living daylights out of him. Unfortunately as we were not playing at Bowdon itself, we were found to be lacking in crackhead spectators, but Johnny Slap pretty much made up for that with the amount of G&Ts he had imbibed before the game.

A couple of goals by young upstart Marsland, a couple of goals by young-at-heart Skippy and a storming single from Kaffir Jasper meant that a happy swarm of Bees wandered off the pitch after 70 minutes, despite the consolation Timperley goal. Strong performances from Rains at the back, Skippy & Dieter in the middle & KHK/Marsland/Sticky (for a while) at the front made for a solid game which, although not one-sided, Bowdon rarely looked like losing.

Oliver Hawkins