Bowdon Killer Bee's 4 - Formby 2

The question on everyone's lips prior to the game was how firm the pitch would be after the drenching of biblical proportions the country has been subject to. At approximately 12.30pm, international match referee (Phil Rainford) walked out with his fellow officials and proclaimed the pitch fit to host this historical fixture. There was however, no real doubt that the match would take place, the ground staff of past and present have ensured that the pitches of Bowdon will remain the envy of many a club. Ground staff, we salute you...

The Killer Bee's were able to field a side of differing styles and qualities which would have satisfied the appetite of any Hockeying purist. It was a side full of the skills and enthusiasm of youth, yet tempered by the wisdom and guile of older heads, with the only thing matching their experience in years being their ever expanding waist lines. (Oi! - Ed)

Formby, however, opted for a side of youngsters that found it difficult to adapt to this alien surface they found themselves playing on.

The Killer Bee's were very much Killer from the outset. With short passing and movement they quickly opened their account. It was a move that started and finished on the left, with young Jo Timothy lifting the ball past the keeper to make it 1 -0. However, it was the second goal that really caught the spectator's imagination and left them panting for more. Bridge, fresh from his return after being under the surgeon's knife, which threatened to cut short his hockey career ( pause for dramatic effect and nods of agreement ) pounced on a defensive error. Driving forward with no support quick enough to keep up Bridge left two defenders in his wake before unleashing a shot of thunderous power and increased the lead to 2 - 0. What the author is trying to state here is that Bridge managed to trickle the ball past the keeper after stumbling around in the D.

Before half time it was 3 - 0, with Jo getting the second of his three goals.

The second half was disappointing from Bowdon's point of view, while still dominating the play they only managed to score again through Jo Timothy who finished off a well deserved hat-trick (though he did loose two balls in the process). With a comfortable lead of 4 - 0, the complacency set in and two sloppy goals were conceded in fairly quick succession. However, it was a lead that was never in doubt and a win by the Bee's that was well deserved.

Jimmy Bridge

" The above is a true and accurate account of events, though the names of players have been changed in an effort to protect them against the 1st Team and England selectors."