Bowdon Killer Bee's 5- Deeside 0

I knew the pressure was on when early in the week The Quiffster asked me to stand in as captain for the day, i.e. collect match money, availability's ... and make sure The Bee's won as they're unbeaten all season, as an ex Bee's captain of eleven years (fool! - Ed) I knew this was a formidable challenge but one I felt I had to accept.

We arrived in plenty of time to hurriedly choose the umpires for the match and then we were off. It was good to see lots of short passing, stopping and moving with the ball, it certainly threw Deeside and myself. A player of note in this respect was Tom 'Sticks' Duffy who had obviously been on the Beelzebub juice the night before, won the ball, moved around a player and slid the ball to the waiting Captain, who promptly out of shock completely lost possession.

It was good to see Robby Smith turn out for us, being pivotal at centre half, scoring a goal. Has any one noticed he looks a bit like Webby side on? The two Andy M's scored a goal each, is Mr. Marshall getting his old form back, answers on a post card to The Quiffster any bar, any where, any time...

Richard Armishaw as usual covered the whole pitch all the time and scored a well deserved goal, so did Jim but he didn't score. All were solidly supported by Chris Swithenbonk at Right Half. Peter sneaked one in, which I happened to mention to David Orpet the following day on my quarterly visit to Sainsbury's to replenish the rotting veg in my fridge with fresh, David is now a worried man; he and Peter have a serious high stakes (not Sainsbury's) bet on as to who can score the most in a season, a pint, this is a big money bet - watch this space!

It's a good job Terry doesn't play to keep fit with our winning form soon we'll be dusting cob webs off him.

Which just leaves Johnny Grant who made some crunching tackles in defense but was obviously suffering from last nights gin, Chicken Saag and chips with just a small taster of Naan bread.

And where was Sticky....Buying a bike, with stabilisers and an air bag.

And I got all the match money in, a very successful day.