Bowdon Killer Bees 4 - Sefton 0

Another Saturday and another day of stylish grass hockey beckoned for the Killer Bees. On paper the fixture, against Sefton was an easy one - after all it had been barely a month since the Killer Bees had stung them 6-2 !

However, dark clouds were overhead....our inspirational leader Olly "Slim lad gone 'orribly wrong" Hawkins was away for the week end getting his car fixed (please see rest of web site for pictures of the only sports car that spends more time off the road than a 4 by 4). Things were looking decidedly bleak when we pushed back with only 8 Killer Bees (AKA bodies with a pulse) on the pitch...

Within a couple of minutes, of frenetic activity in the Killer Bee half, the Bees got a much needed break - Chris 'oops I'm late' Swithenbank turned up ! Hurrah ! The only problem was that the pattern of the game didn't change very much - it was backs to the wall stuff....defeat looked inevitable...not even the dribbling skills of Robbie 'black hole' Smith were producing anything of note....other than lost possession.

But then....15 minutes later the turning point of the match came when in the distance we caught sight of fourth teamers Spaceman and Charlie Harden. Salvation ! Charlie went straight into the midfield and Spaceman up front. With their numerical advantage suddenly gone and the Killer Bees showing some of their usual class and Sefton had all the look of born losers.

By half time the Swithers and Space with raking shots into the far corner of the goal had made it 2-0. A rout was on the cards. But then another bout of bad news hit the Bees...our keeper Tubby had go ! There was nothing for it - Charlie 'I only need shin pads' Harden was volunteered as the replacement. The loss of Tubs led to Sefton to pouring forward like the Mongol hordes...which meant that Ian 'you're not getting past me' Hudson and Brian 'the umpire always gets it wrong' Jones came into their own. Great tackling and skillful defence ensured that Charlie had to deal with only three Sefton shots. All three were struck powerfully on target - its a pity they were all directly at Charlie's shin pads !

At the other end Spaceman was merrily scoring goals...another two went in mid way through the second half to finish the scoring. The hat trick goal was goal of the season - a shot, on the back stick, from a relatively acute angle which flew past a stunned keeper standing on the near post and into the far top corner of the net. What a goal ! He then processed to miss a six
inch tap in five minutes later...luckily the damage had already been done. Muppet !

It was only left to rush to the bar and drink a drink to our lucky star called Elvis !