Bebbington 1 - 10 Bowdon Killer Bees

Well dear reader its time for you to enjoy the literary talents of yours truely who will refresh your memories of a wonderfully glorious Killer Bees win - which was all the more sweeter due to, firstly, the fact that the Bees had had a series of rather unfortunate reverses (morale wins : religious ed) in the previous two weeks and, secondly, the swarm was treated to a particularly long pre match lecture on the merits of back balls, short balls, golf balls by our hallowed leader Ollius Marcos Maximus Roundus Ex-Powerwalkum (!!!) Hairsprayus Coiferus Erectus (the oh so predictable post Crimbo derailment of the alledged fitness campaign has required a minor name change : fitness ed) and finally scoring activity which a certain Sports Car driver knows very little about!

Anyway the swarm arrived at the pitch with a full swarm having gone via Cecil Road to pick up the eleventh BWAP, namely, Janet...who had previously been looking forward to a lazy afternoon on the sofa.

The first half began as Ollius etc had wished...with the Bees playing silky hockey with loads of back balls. With the defence looking solid and the midfield buzzing to great effect it was left to the forwards to put away the goals.....which both Dutch Darbyshire (2) and Yokker (3) took. Even with a half time lead of 5-0 Ollius was still not satisfied...more goals and even more balls were required in the second half ! At this point Janet suggested that the Bees were sooo much in control she wasn't really needed...obviously she hasn't seen the effect of previous half time team talks !

The second half was one of near total Bees dominance. As the goals flowed the heads of the Bebbington youngsters dropped...and more goals ensued...courtesy of Dave Phillips (1) and Yokker (4). Anyway the at one point the defence felt charitable and gifted Bebbington a goal...not that it made any differnce to the final score.

The curry and chips in the local pub was a fitting end to the was the jug of beer back at the club.

btw The first sentence, Olly me old mucka, is more than your pittiful 108 words, so this year you'll again be getting the Stick 'o Shite and not the Shakespeare jobbie (This may confuse some people as Yokker actually wrote this several months after the game, and it contains references to match reports you may not have read yet - Time travelling Ed).


(It's a sad day when Swarbrick has to do his own 'edits'... - )