Bowdon Badgers 2 - Bowdon Killer Bees 4

Bit of a summary here as Mr Cooper may yet come up with the goods!

Highlights would include;

  • Dave Philips opening goal
  • Giles open play goal
  • My penalty corner goal
  • Giles second goal
  • I took out their captain in the first few minutes when he got in the way of a better-than-average lash up the pitch from moi
  • They played the rest of the first half with ten men! (We didn't notice, which is quite embarrassing!)
  • Ian James abandoned us to coach the Badgers at half time, and never came back on for us leaving us down to ten. V kind of him to play in the first place mind you...
  • The Badgers sneaked on an extra player in the second half so we played against 12 (again we never twigged)
  • Jonny in goal for us, as I told him the helmet would protect his stitches (Heh! Heh!)
  • Two fantastic goals from the Badgers
  • Their manager alleged that we 'went easy on them' in the 2nd half. I enlightened him by explaining that we were buggered & most of us could barely walk!