Bowdon Killer Bees 3 - Didsbury 3

A cancellation by the Ladies gave us a rare astro slot up at the Devisdale, so the Bees were up for some power-hockey! The line up was quirky, with 'Barn door' Swarbrick absent due to Satan worship , replaced by Paul 'Kinky boots' Darbyshire. Even "I've always wanted to play for the Bees, but I can't do October..." Warnes turned up! Short handed, we recruited from the sixth XI who had played just before us, scrounging Dave "You're not having that fg pram" Moss and a welcome return by little Fish (in goal no less!).

Didsbury turned up a man short & called upon the legendary Bowdon sportsmanship for an extra player. If you have read last weeks match report you'll appreciate that there was only one possible candidate, and thus it was that we passed on the biggest liability in the club - Braithwaite. Severely handicapped from the start, Didsbury put up a good fight but some out-of-character running & passing by the Bees put us in the lead by half time. Didsbury also broke a couple of times & despite Fishie's valiant attempt to hospitalise their right winger, they also slotted a couple away. Noteable in the first half was the whole teams' excellent work rate, and some memorable misses by Mr Darbyshire, who was obviously finding it easy to emulate Yokker in the oppo's Dee .

The second half saw the Bees start to fade, having (as all top class athletes do) burnt out by half time. Didsbury went ahead with another break and the Bees were looking a bit cream crackered. Taking a leaf out of Fishies book, Andy White made a laudable effort at removing the traitorous Braithwaite from the pitch. Just when it seemed that we might lose the game by a goal, which seemed a crying shame considering how well everyone had played in the first half, Dave Phillips (having, er, let the rest of us lull Didsbury into a false sense of security ) put on an amazing turn of speed & dribbled the ball from the halfway line through numerous midfield & defensive players, taunted the keeper then slotted one away into the backboard! Sweet!

It was a good competetive game with the right result & everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Mr Tennant Jnr who kindly umpired for us (always an experience when little Fish is playing...). So, we've lost one, then drawn one: my trend analysis suggests a win against Deeside, so we shall see...