Deeside 2 - Bowdon Killer Bees 4

I am afraid that it will be impossible to improve on the Shakespearean match reporting of our own Andy Braithwaite. However, the following season's statistics appear to be telling some kind of story: Match 1 Andy is on the Bees side, we lose; match 2 Andy plays for the opposition, we draw; and yes at Deeside Andy's absence heralds an emphatic 4 - 2 win for the Bees.

Instead of the forecast storm the Bees were greeted by a beautiful sunny day at Deeside. The only sounds of thunder came from Olly's Marcos. Deeside were startled. Opec were delighted. Anyway on to the match. The first half went completely to plan. Sound defending and a disciplined midfield supported the Bees as we surged forward with uncharacteristically incisive passing and instantaneous control which led inevitably to the first goal. A wonderfully crafted short corner routine, the culmination of hours of practice on the training pitch, resulted in an Olly special which left our hosts reeling. But there was more......after a run into the D, I skillfully stole the ball from a delighted Andy Marshall and struck a real belter into the corner. 3 - 0 at half time.

As usual Olly's half time talk was an inspiration to us all. However, what he didn’t mention was that the pitch was actually sloping and we now had to play uphill for the second half. The Bees legs suddenly started to look tired and Deeside eventually pulled one back. But with luck on my side and the wind in my hair I managed to bound into their D and slip one past the goalie (no jokes please!). Deeside continued to push forward as the pitch sapped the Bees energy and despite heroic defending they managed to squeeze another one in. However, this was just a mere blip on what was an outstanding day for the Bees.

David P

Thanks to Deeside for lending us a player; 'James' had never played hockey before so was an obvious candidate for donating to the oppo (us!) but as he scored an excellent goal against Deeside in the first few minutes we weren't very surprised to see him 'donated back' to Deeside at half-time! Also to Colin Atkinson who was wandering through the Deeside carpark & volnteered to become the Bees' eleventh man, playing a full game in jeans & t-shirt & rather well too! Fine debuts from new boys Bexter & Bretton too.