Runcorn 4 - Bowdon Killer Bees 3

When trying to ascertain beyond all doubt who is the better of two sporting teams, a series of games is the obvious answer. The series, is the contest of choice for the sporting connoisseur, who decries the ephemeral nature of the one off match. By playing on a number of occasions, in differing conditions, home and away, the vagaries of form, luck and diabolical umpiring decisions will be negated. This will result in a clear determination of the superior team, an undisputed winner of the contest, and obviously the more games in the series, then the greater the certainty that the better team has won.

Clearly the necessity to find out who is the better team between the Bees and Runcorn is a very serious subject for the respective fixture secretaries and they have devised a proper series to find put who is the best. Would it be a three game series like the British Lions will play in New Zealand next summer? Don’t be silly. Perhaps a five game series like England v Australia for the Ashes next summer? No, still not enough games. The only thing that will do is a full World Series of seven games that will take place over the next 4 months, home and away, on different surfaces (unlikely to be astroturf), to determine conclusively the best side.

Runcorn vs Bees: North Cheshire Hockey World Series Game 1

Runcorn 4 Bees 3

The Bees started brightly and quickly established a 3.1 lead, however the subsequent collapse will deeply vex Captain Hawkins. Andy Pritchard's unconventional payment method of his match fee, resulted in the traditional punishment, but he starred in goal, and kept the game competitive until the end.

Game 2 next week!

Andrew Marshall

PS: Memo to all those travelling to Runcorn in the future. If you cross the Bridge, or end up in a Chemical plant , you are lost...