Bowdon Killer Bees 2 - Runcorn 2

After a string of sweeping victories Olly decided that a pre match routine would be in order - after all a game of hockey on a ploughed field wasn't going to be easy. And what, dear reader, was this routine ...? In short a G&T frenzy at a particularly good Sportsman's Dinner (courtesy of Mike Kirchin) the night before. Regretably I have to report that our hallowed leader (Ollius Offroadum Marcos Roundus Maximus Quiffus Erectus etc) was struck down by food poisoning ! It seems that the source of the food poisoning was NOT, as first thought, Mr McCoys cooking but rather a rogue slice of lemon from one of Olly's G&Ts.

Despite being let down by our hallowed leader 10 Bees (thats one short Ol !) took to the ploughed field with Lord Grant kindly taking the whistle. The game started brightly for the Bees with some silky hockey being played. Runcorn were being run ragged and unsurprisingly the Bees scored twice. Two crosses from the right were deftly touched home by Barn Door Darby's and Rich Cooper.

It was then that things started to go all horribly wrong. First up a perfectly good third goal was ruled out for no apparent reason (selective reading ? Rules ed). Not long after Claire Pritch came out of the warmth of the clubhouse and volunteered to take over umpiring duties from His Lordship. Not these events are connected... but when Jonny came on the Bees went all rubbish. Tackles were missed & passes duely went astray...well to a very grateful opposition actually....who duely scored...twice.

The Bees turned round at half time at 2 -2.

The Bees improved as the second half wore on but some how couldn't find the onion bag. Yours truely for once wasn't guilty in this regard...was he Mr Marshall ?!? The improved Bees play meant that the game was increasingly played in the Runcorn half with the oppo being left to play route one hockey. In one such move the Runcorn forward, using deft footwork, got the ball into the D and rifled a sweet shot into the far corner. Ernie the cat Di Rollo (thanks for volunteering) stood helpless.The goal was initially given (selective rule reading again ? : More Rules ed) but was, after a long delay, correctly ruled out.

A few more divots later the final whistle blew and another 70 minutes of festival hockey was over and it was off to the bar...with the exception of Olly...who spent the entire afternoon at home recovering on the sofa watching The Simpsons.

Finally many thanks for Claire Pritch for taking a time out from Ladies 2nd XI duties to come and umpire for us...thereby showing us all how it should be done !