Golborne 5 - Bowdon Killer Bees 4

The KB's once again achieved what can only be described as yet another moral victory last weekend. All kinds of dirty tactics were employed by the opposition to unsettle the normally unflappable Bee's machinery. Firstly lulling us into a false sense of security by appearing to be a total shambles as they appeared to have no more than 4 players at the appointed push back time. The net result was our ever-accommodating skipper allowing Golborne some leeway to muster their team.

Once this happened we had made the fatal error of warming up, just because you see our illustrious 1st XI do this on a Sunday prior to combat does not mean it is a good idea, consequently we were over warmed up and conceded a goal within 5 minutes of the start. The Bee's were quick to hit back, after a little bit of trickery from Armi that was possibly more suited to the football pitch adjacent to our astro but importantly escaped the notice of either umpire, Andy White found himself bearing down on goal from a very acute angle where most would back the keeper to prevent a score but Whitey had other ideas with a neat body swerve he sent the keeper to ground and calmly stuck the ball high into the back of the net. Naturally, due to the hysteria of equalising so swiftly, the Bee's conceded not once but twice in quick succession as some pacy incisive play from the oppo proved to be the undoing of the Bee's defence. The story could have been much gloomier if it hadn't been for some heroics in goal by Andrew "the Cat" Marshall, several of the saves received praise from the oppo. These saves might have contributed to the Bee's pulling ourselves together and proceeded to play some nice hockey with the evergreen Darbs combining well with Andy White on the right with Armishaw and Cooper creating similarly carnage in the home defence, all for little reward though. The good build up play lacked a final cutting edge to create
that gilt edge chance to reduce the deficit to 1.

After some stirring words from pretty much all team members at half team...except Fishwick who spent the time returning his struggling heart rate back down to 200. Things almost immediately went plumbed new depths as we conceded once again within moments of combat recommencing. Their number waltzing through our defence with gay abandon before calmly putting the ball away for a 4-1 advantage.

From this point on the tactical change employed at half time produced goals after some sustained pressure. Where we had failed to create any short corner opportunities in the first 35 they came thick and fast in the second period. Finally one had the desired effect, from what was a pre-arranged move which went wrong there was some clever improvisation in the D culminating with Coop's lashing the ball into the goal with ferocity.

During the next period of play some strange things happened, Hawkins got onto the end of a carefully disguised through ball before in the same movement being unceremonially slammed to the floor by the not insignificant bulk of the Golborne keeper, I think he was more concerned about the nosebleed from being so far up the pitch as opposed to the bone shattering fall a few moments before.

Following this Yokker collected his customary brace of goals after his customary number of fresh air shots in the D. Sandwiched between these two goals was straight out of hockey's bizarre pages, Armi finds himself in the D having done some dribbling, on the reverse stick he attempts something(might have been a pass or a shot but I am not sure) the ball loops over the defender in front of him then pea roles through the gap between the keepers legs with not enough pace to get to the back board, as the ball had actually stopped over the line before the defender scooped it away....the goal stood and we laughed.

Anyway I am bored of typing...they scored again and we lost 5-4 I think, all in all a good game played in the right spirit and we got to watch some footballers trying to fight.


Over and out...

Big Fishy