Bowdon Killer Bees 3 - Lytham 2

Lytham were once again back in town, so the call went out to the mighty Braithwaite to make a guest appearance for the Killer Bees. (Reality Ed: I received a call from Penny begging me to get Andy out of the house for as long as possible)

The day started well with our fearless leader unable to play do to parenting commitments (Reluctant parenting Ed: Yeah, so much for it not ruining my life & it's only three days old! ) so Yokker stepped in to lead the mighty Bees. The Bees warm up was curtailed by the umpire of the 2s game banning us from practicing on the practice pitch. But once we finally got on the hallowed wet pitch it was clear that a top-notch Bees side were going to be weaving hockey magic. For some inexplicable reason the crowd left once the 2s had finished little realising they were in for a hockey treat.

The Bees squad was of Olympic proportions, we were able to muster not 1, not 2, but 3 substitutes. After some initial debate 11 Bees took to the pitch….

The first half started well, with the Bees playing some good attacking hockey and managing to spread the ball about the pitch. The first goal came from a strong tackle (foul) by Braithwaite with the ball worked into goal by somebody (I was too embarrassed to pay attention!). The second goal came from a sideline ball, which Yokker “dummied” (I could have guessed Ed: Aha! 'Barn door' Swarbrick once again swings into action ) , and Andy White stroked in at the back post (Legal Ed: This is probably illegal but I've put it in anyway). Yokker buried the third goal from a ball coming in from the right. The Bees went into the break 3 up and looking good…

The second half was a little bit different. Lytham reorganised themselves and made some tactical substitutions and started the half attacking the Bees goal. The Bees soaked up the pressure but gifted them a goal from a poorly hit 16. This gave Lytham new confidence and they continued to press. Their second goal was a scrappy affair, which Tubby was a little unlucky not to save. The Bees then managed to get a grip and were unlucky not to increase their lead further. I think the umpires got a little confused as the second half seemed to be a lot, lot longer than 35 minutes but the Bees hung on and took the win 3-2.

All in all it was a very enjoyable game. Lytham were good sports and the Bees played very well. Tubby made some excellent saves in goal and Big Fishy bossed the midfield (I thought I was brilliant too, but am too modest to say so!) (Reality Ed: Erm... oh never mind )

Have a good Christmas!!!

Andy 'The Bees can still teach me a thing or two' Braithwaite (Note: This signature may have been modified in the interests of a balanced match report)