Bowdon Killer Bees 2 - Deeside 0

After the previous week's rout of the Bowdon Vets the Bees were looking to continue their winning streak against Deeside on the organic astro. As is now traditional the swarm had been reduced from 12 on Monday to a 9 come Saturday. This could be considered a problem for many sides...but not the Bees with its youth development programme! So step forward and into the breach Joseph Cooper and one Gritty Smith. For Gritty this was a well deserved promotion to the Bees after many years languishing in the 4ths!

With Yokker donning the pads Olly went into his usual pre match ramble about back balls, divot creation, goal scoring and nappy changing. Tubs kindly took over the umpiring duties and at 2.30pm blew the whistle to commence proceedings.

Bowdon started well with some flowing moves and found themselves camped inside the Deeside half for large portions of the first half. Despite all the good play the ball just wouldn't go into the ol' onion bag... primarily due to the Deeside goalie who was playing a blinder. The Cooper/Smith/Marshall forward line was denied on a numerous of occassions...all except one when Andy Marshall slotted one home from close range.

Whilst of all this was going on changes were afoot at the back. Carl Tennant found himself seeing stars at one point and disappeared into the club house for a few minutes for some running repairs. Max Rowlands fancied a game and duly donned some pads of her own and entered the fray in place of your truely as the first half was drew to a close.

The Bees turned round a 1-0 up... which was disappointing given the impressive first half performance.

A lack of goals in the first period persuaded Olly to ring the changes in the forward line... Yokker to right wing with Andy Marshall moving to left back. Within a few minutes of the restart the change produced a goal... Yokker prodding home an Andy White cross.

Unfortunately the silky passing of the first half then all but disappeared in the second and no further goals followed. Regrettably it should be reported that I did indeed miss an open goal (first of the season ! : Counting Ed) but it wasn't my fault...the stick got stuck in a Beckham (ie divot).

There was still time left in the second for Andy Pritch to show off what he has learnt at Hockey Training....putting one's stick in your opponents nether regions is a novel approach to tackling! Suffice to say a count up on the hapless Deeside player confirmed that we still had just one ball on the pitch... and that there was no hard feeling!

Unfortunately the game petered out and we all retreated to the bar for a well deserved beer...or cider and black...

Many thanks for Tubby for umpiring and DS for helping out !