Bowdon Killer Bees 9 - Chester 1

It was about lunchtime when the Bees arrived for Their match, but this did not sway Them as God’s gift of brunch had already seen to Their needs and so They could now concentrate on the task at hand, the match with Chester.

As the Bees began Their “warmup” for the imminent Herculean contest, concerns spread among Them over the strange behaviour of the sky. It had taken this strange blue colour instead of the usual grey, but even stranger was the yellow object which was emitting large amounts of heat and warmth upon Them, yet without any of the usual wet stuff. To make things even worse it seemed that once again the Bees’ fan base had got lost on the way to the pitch, which was disappointing as they both missed out on classic Bee Triumph.

The Bees set up in their traditional formation, with the day’s defenders of Frank, Carl and Jonny acting as rock from which the Bees could launch Their frenzied assaults upon the Chester goal. Assaults which had quite some success.

The first half was promising with only one goal conceded and a couple scored, but it was the second half in which The Bees really showed Their killer instinct with goal after goal scored. It got to the stage where the Bees had to put Their sticks down in order to count the score and even Yokker, a player with a history prolific goal scoring, took pity on his opponents and didn’t take his best chances and instead cleverly disguised his passes as shots which allowed several of his team-mates to take advantage of an open goal.

When a crowd was finally drawn to the pitch, surely by the human instinct to find good hockey teams to watch, they witnessed one of the best performances by any team this season. A number of individual Bees were really on form, I don’t want to embarrass anyone by naming names, but I have to mention the young Frank Fallon, a talented youngster with huge potential, who displayed bags of ability with a large work-rate and yet still managed to look devilishly handsome throughout.

Match report by: Frank “The Inspiration” Fallon

Despite the Braithwaitesque direction the closing paragraph took, I feel obliged to publish the text which accompanied Frank's match report. It's refreshingly honest & a few other people could take a leag out of Frank's book e.g. Jonny "The baby ate my match report" Grant & Richard "I was attacked by chainsaw-wielding skinheads & fought them off with my match report" Cooper!

Here's the match report as requested, sorry its late but
1. I had exams last week
2. I'm Lazy