Lymm Is 8 - Bowdon IXs 1

The Bees gathered to face the "Judean Peoples' Front" expecting to be on the receiving end of a beating. Confidence took a further knock when we found out the we only had 10. On the plus side, the 10 didn't include the small round one so things could have been worse. A quick phone call by Dave Brooks brought down his younger brother Simon so we started 11 v 11.

As expected the splitters saw a lot of the ball but didn't really make the most of it. I think that they had 9 shots and scored 8 goals (why can't Yokker do that?). They scored off pretty much every short corner they got. Despite getting a pretty thorough tonking the Bees never gave up and managed to get a well taken consolation goal scored by Yokker. The whole team played well, in particular Nick West and the Brooks brothers at the back. I, needless to say, was brilliant....