Bowdon IXs 0 - Bramhall IVs 3

Here's a first, after doing all the scoring (i.e. another 'moral victory' for the Bees ) the oppo even wrote the match report! Top notch stuff from Bramhall;

'Killer Bees' stung by Lions???!!!     
Bowdon Men's 9s 0-3 Bramhall Men's 4s
Saturday, February 25, 2006 by KELVIN BRIGGS

The headline may make this match sound like an episode of Animal Hospital. None of it, instead it was a flowing game on the Bowdon water based astro aka the Waterhole. The match was played in good spirit with Bramhall's youth ( Sharpie, Briggs and John 'Lion' King excluded on grounds of obvious senile dementure), pace, purpose and 'buzz' overcoming a less energetic but experienced Bowdon side.

Lion Cub James Oakes' open play hat trick saw Bramhall 4ths, the Clubs development side overcome Bowdon 9ths, also known as the 'Killer Bees' 3 to nil. The result a fair reflection of play with the Lions early roars dominating the Bees who became a hive of activity only late on when stirred from winter slumbers or the effects of Boddingtons beer or too much cappucino at Runcorn last week or too much mid week training.

The Lions started well creating a number of stinging opportunities. James Oakes, Pride of the Lions, was on hand to score twice from close range after good work from Lessells and Warburton. Some super scoring chances were missed with shots from wide not being followed up on the far post.

Second half the Bees were stung in to action with Bramhall keeper Ed Hampson making smart saves at a number of short corners, defying the Bowdon captain aka 'The Quiffster.' James Oakes completed his hat trick with a hard shot from the right of the circle. There was to be no honey pot for the swarming Bees this day. Special mention for umpires Brogden and Robinson who both had excellent games.

Club coach Ric observed the game and correctly pointed out that the Lions look great going down the left. There is however, work to do to move the ball earlier and more often down the right.

The win keeps the pressure on Runcorn in the race for third place. Next week will be a tough away game at second placed Warrington .

Bramhall also turned out a 5th team this week. This required a dash back to Bramhall by yours truly to transport the Lion cubs to Lymm, aka by the Killer Bees political and diplomatic correspondent as 'The Judean Republic' This meant missing out on the Killer Bees renowned hospitality and catching up on talk of their continuing run of 'moral' victories. The 5ths were glorious and victorious 1-0 in a close game. Scorer young Warbie from a shorty. A purring performance from the young cubs.

So there we go; if you are waiting for any kind of Bowdon reposte... tough! The Bees were and as the man says "... the result a fair reflection of the play", so we won't dwell upon it in a match report of our own! Shame Bramhall had to scoot off (except Sharpie & even he was driving!) as we could have levelled the match in the bar but perhaps next time? Now ideally I'd like to be finshing our match report next week with a report of a 1-0 win over Lymm as well, but you'll just have to wait & see.