Music is an important part of my life - I listen to my music for at least four hours a day! OK, maybe a bit less at weekends, but then hopefully that's 'cos I'm off to a gig somewhere... I am mainly into Neo-Rockabilly & Psychobilly (what's that?!), hence the hairstyle, the clothes, the odd tattoo and so on... Also, I get an excuse for having a thing about Bettie Page. Yum! Due to past misdemeanours I also have a soft spot for New Wave punk, The Stranglers & The Revillos/Rezillos!

If music is a big part of your life too then we'd probably get on. At least, I'd accept drinks off you!... I might not like your musical taste, but at least you have an opinion! Nothing turns me off more than people saying they 'like a bit of everything'. Argh! They don't mean that; they mean that they have no taste - an absence of taste, worse even than poor taste! And, surprise surprise, although they like a bit of everything, they never like my stuff. Well... fuck 'em! Heh! Heh!

This page has some links for my favourite bands, some recent gig photos, and what I rate as a few of my 'Top 10's. If you violently disagree with my choice of tracks (Westlife fans need not apply!), why not mail me with your suggestion? I'll give it a listen and if you're right, well, I'll update the list & credit you, plus you'll have the deep satisfaction of having furthered my musical education. Of course, if you're wrong you've wasted my valuable time & owe me a beer. And yes, I'll travel...


The Caravans - my fav Neo-Rockabilly band


Guanabatz London 2002

Nekromantix London 2002

Nekromantix London 2003

... aaah I knew I'd never keep this bit up to date!

Top 10

OK, I keep changing my mind about stuff. Bear with me


  1. Cripple in the woods - Demented Are Go
  2. I see red - Frenzy
  3. Graveyard in your memory - Nekromantix
  4. Texas beat - Long Tall Texans
  5. Seethrough - Guanabatz
  6. Never gonna stop - Lost Souls
  7. Raspin' grasses - Frantic Flinstones
  8. Psycho disease - Coffin Nails (I soooo want to say "She's a loose woman (she's a moose)" instead though)
  9. Shadow - The Peacocks
  10. The Krewmen - Don't give a toss


  1. Stranded - The Caravans
  2. Rock this town - Stray Cats
  3. Mission impossible - Howlin' Moondoggies
  4. Brian Setzer
  5. Sarno's in Space - Rochee & the Sarnos
  6. Restless
  7. The black widow - Link Wray
  8. Nervous little angel - Lee Rocker
  9. The Legendary Raw Deal
  10. Moonshine mama - The Hicksville Bombers


  1. Beat my Guest - Adam & The Ants
  2. Reservation - Terry & Gerry
  3. Transvision Vamp
  4. Are friends electric - Gary Numan


  1. Fever - Dave Vanian & the Phantom Chords
  2. Fertile Mind - Primevals

The Stranglers

  1. Duchess
  2. Tramp
  3. No more heroes
  4. Hangin' around
  5. Strange little girl
  6. Tank
  7. Down in the sewer


The Wrecking Pit

Wrecking Pit - The Psychobilly Homepage

Hyperjax - fast rising stars & from north of Watford too!

Nekromantix - Coffin bass! My fav active Psychobilly band... Download their cool video to 'Gargoyles over Copenhagen' here!


Totally cool threads! Strangely the shirts make me look fat though!...

This man gets a lot of my money! Best selection on the net!

Nervous Records



Frenzy - Steve Whitehouse might be a bald git but he's still the best slapper out there!

Stray Cats/Brian Setzer - Inspirational. Hey, Brian bought me a beer at Dublin airport , & I haven't had a thing to drink since! (Honest )

Guanabatz - Hope I look like that at 40!

Restless Neo-Rockabilly Legends; Back again...

Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords

Demented Are Go - Zombie Punkabilly mayhem. Excellent!

Howlin' Moon Doggies - Iffy name (hey, they're Australian...), great music! Awesome slap bass sound.

Dead Kings - Psycho supergroup!